This is one of those rare opportunities I get to write about myself in the third person, and it’s also my own futile attempt at convincing you I’m no narcissist. I promise to keep it short.


Kevin Mansour Singarayar is a self-proclaimed, independent Internet Technologist who writes for Technopreneur and ChalkTalk. He coaches and collaborates with entrepreneurs on current, new and emerging internet technologies.

An unabashed evangelist for Internet technologies that are constantly revolutionizing the way small businesses are re-structuring their business models, the way education is being redefined and the way consumers are being empowered, Kevin chops hard to comprehend technological issues into smaller chunks of digestible and easy-to-understand information that makes it simple enough for the most non-technical of the human species to use and benefit from.

A former rebel without a cause, Kevin also is a professional audio recording engineer (that’s not self-proclaimed by the way), enjoys an unhealthy dose of now defunct television re-runs, subscribes to a whole lotta of rss feeds, marvels at God’s creations, mocks feinted ignorance (including his own), walks barefoot around his home. In a parallel world, Kevin would have been the 5th member of Fourplay or manager of Liverpool Football Club, or both.


To reach Kevin, you can e-mail him at kevinsingarayar[AT]gmail [DOT] com.


Kevin Singarayar

[Updated 8 November, 2006]

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