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Update as of Dec 2021: Hey beautiful people! You can now find me here on out at my blog for all future updates: It’s URL is Hi guys, It’s been like, what, 2 years?  Look, I really need to apologize for not attending to this blog as I had been swamped with work.  […]

Well, it’s about time (hmm … that’s punny) a magazine like TIME acknowledges the people that really matter. My advice, I say go the whole hog and put this in your brag sheet. Don’t tell me you don’t deserve at least, that?

Here is something that might interest you: The Kauffman Foundation is launching EntrepreneurshipWeek USA — along with a group of sponsors including the New York Times and Inc. magazine – to ignite the nation’s consciousness around the importance of being entrepreneurial. The initiative will be designed to stimulate on-going interest from individuals and organizations serving […]

 Delivered with style and wit, FitzGerald’s lecture was a delicious summary of the mistakes he had seen directors, managers and employees make during his near 40-year career at one of the world’s biggest consumer-products companies. Some of the worst blunders, he identified through painful experience: he’d made them himself. But he had also learned important […]

“According to research from Nielsen/NetRatings, people are buying cutting-edge technology but often don’t understand the terms that describe what their device actually does. Terms such as podcasting and wikis are still meaningless to many.” Source: BBC News (Read the rest of the article here). Now, aren’t you glad you have this blog?

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Steve Irwin A True Entrepreneur 1962 – 2006 “He died doing what he loves best.”

Business Pundit published an article last week; ‘Entrepreneurship, Age, and Money – Is It Better To Start Young or Wait Until You Are Older?‘ that makes for an interesting read. Couple of points that I would like to make, but for the sake of brevity, I want to highlight just one. This pundit says: “The […]

You Don’t Have An Excuse Not To Succeed Yes, there is a learning curve to doing business online. But then again, there is a learning curve to doing business offline. The learning curve is not an excuse not to get online. There are books, courses, mentors, free information online, forums, blogs, to guide you towards […]

All You Need Is Business Purpose If you own a brick-and-mortar store, your reach has just been super-sized to an international scale with no more effort on your part. How cool is that! Forrester research has stated that the online retail market will be responsible for 10 percent of total U.S. retail sales by 2008. […]

A Phoenix Rising If you’d been following the news back in the 90s leading up to 2001, you would have noticed the hullabaloo about the dotcom bust. You might have even been part of the bubble burst. I know I was.  The naysayers were basking in the glory of being so pessimistically right, about how […]