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I don’t really have anything personal against Donald Trump. I mean, try as I might, the only thing I could really resent about the guy is the skunk he had to run over to showpiece it on his head. With all those billions, you’d think he could afford a decent hair stylist. But others just […]

I blogged about it in my last post. Parks Associates put out a press release on the same day revealing that annual U.S. revenues from Internet video services will exceed $7 billion by 2010. On their analyst’s blog, Robert Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co., was reported to have said that, the CPM for adults […]

I was listening to an interview with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki whilst driving a few days back. They were being interviewed about their new book, ‘Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message‘.   Then Trump pointed out something quite interesting – that being a successful entrepreneur had partly to […]

I was never fond of geometry. I have to thank my Math teacher for that. He made learning math utterly painful, ‘fingernails dragging across the board’ painful. Maybe it had to do with my father being a math wiz as well. Frustrated my dad constantly because of my inability to understand mathematical concepts and instantly […]