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There are only so many blogs you can read before reaching critical mass and say, “Damn, this stuff is so easy to do, I’m gonna start one of my own.” And you’re right. You ought to start your own blog. But it’s not that easy to do, unless of course you know what you’re doing. […]

I thought I’d done a fairly thorough job of demonstrating the use of Bloglines. But Preetam Rai has gone the full monty on this one by teaching you how to keep track of blogs, news feeds, podcasts, Yahoo! Group messages, Flickr photos…yeah, all with Bloglines. Check out his in-depth tutorial here.  Related Posts How To Subscribe […]

This final installation of How To Subscribe To A Blog (Part 2) will add a few minor details that you might find useful. ADDING A RSS FEED IN BLOGLINES Let’s start by taking you over to the newly acquired YouTube by Google. It’s a short tutorial on how to add a RSS feed in Bloglines. Yes, it’s […]

I’ve been told time and time again by my daddy, “not to make things harder than it already is.” That was during my hormonally-charged, incorrigible teenage years. Today, I find it difficult to ignore the significance of that statement. I should not make things harder than it already is for you. You must be stretched […]

Thought I should point you towards a handy little blog post by Andy Wibbels entitled: 40 Questions About Blogging (+ 40 Answers). He has taken the most common questions asked by his readers about blogging and answered them as only Andy can. Then head on over to Mitch Wagner’s article entitled: Everything You Always Wanted To […]

Now that you understand what a blog is, I think its time I introduce you to its engine, a turbocharged 12-cylinder 750 horsepower (but purrs like a pussycat) file format called, RSS. If the name is not menacing enough, well, it was not meant to be. Why would you be interested in getting to know […]

  One of the simplest explanations of what a blog is can be found here. Once you’re done reading that, I suppose you would want to know how a blog compares to a website. Sheila lays it down nicely for you here and Dave Taylor’s explanation ain’t bad either. If you’ve still got doubts about what a blog […]