Online Video Revenues Set To Soar


I blogged about it in my last post. Parks Associates put out a press release on the same day revealing that annual U.S. revenues from Internet video services will exceed $7 billion by 2010.

On their analyst’s blog, Robert Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co., was reported to have said that,

the CPM for adults age 18-49 on the ads is 4x what they’re getting for primetime advertising.”

And also from their blog,

Ad retention rates for the services are incredibly high (upwards of 85%), and ABC indicates that revenues from their Internet programming and downloads could total approximately $700 million in fiscal 2007.”

I hope you’re positioning your business right smack in the middle of this advertising vortex. Who knows where you might land with so many big players moving into the online arena. But with a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can now do battle with the biggest of them.

Get the full scoop from Parks Associates’ blog.

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