EntrepreneurshipWeek USA


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The Kauffman Foundation is launching EntrepreneurshipWeek USA — along with a group of sponsors including the New York Times and Inc. magazine – to ignite the nation’s consciousness around the importance of being entrepreneurial. The initiative will be designed to stimulate on-going interest from individuals and organizations serving as an educational kick-start for the uninitiated, and an inspiration for young people to begin a journey to fulfill their potential as self-starters and entrepreneurs.Traditionally “entrepreneurship” refers to starting a new business, and this indeed remains a critical dimension. But in today’s environment entrepreneurship permeates into very diverse areas of society, and entrepreneurial thinking people emerge through all sorts of routes and backgrounds. Entrepreneurial thinking is applied to non-business problems, and it is as relevant to public and volunteer organizations as it is to large corporations and small businesses. EntrepreneurshipWeek USA is designed to help kids actually see themselves as entrepreneurial thinkers – using creativity and innovation to start their adult lives.

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