A Telegraph Article: The essential guide to screwing up your business


 Delivered with style and wit, FitzGerald’s lecture was a delicious summary of the mistakes he had seen directors, managers and employees make during his near 40-year career at one of the world’s biggest consumer-products companies. Some of the worst blunders, he identified through painful experience: he’d made them himself.

But he had also learned important lessons by watching colleagues and competitors crash through barriers marked, Don’t Go There.

As you might expect from a chatty Irishman, FitzGerald paid no attention to his own rules of engagement and comfortably exceeded his target of 10 tips for consigning a company to history. By the time he stopped speaking, I had counted at least 35.

So here, fleshed out a with a few comments from myself, is FitzGerald’s “formula for failure”.

Source: The Telegraph (Read the rest of the article here).

If I may just add one more to that list:

You own a sweatshop as a sideline business managed by illegal aliens and proudly brag about it to Martin Bashir (no pity applause, please).

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