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I’ve hardly even related to you in detail what entails the 1st Internet revolution (Web 1.0), and here I am writing about the 2nd one (Web 2.0). I apologize. But quite frankly, Web 1.0 ain’t all that interesting. It was merely a period of adjustment for us, to get ourselves accustomed to the relatively mundane […]

  I’m hazarding a guess. There must have been at least one point in your life, where every time you heard the doorbell ring, you’d cringe. You knew it had to be another smooth talking, door-to-door salesman – about to wax lyrical about your house, your good looks and before realizing it; leaves you standing […]

Have you ever just paused for a second and wondered, what life would have been like if the Internet did not exist? Yeah, I know…it’s almost unthinkable.  The Internet has become an integral part of our lives and it’s partly due to the large chunks of communication that we conduct online. The collaboration via e-mails, […]

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Steve Irwin A True Entrepreneur 1962 – 2006 “He died doing what he loves best.”

Business Pundit published an article last week; ‘Entrepreneurship, Age, and Money – Is It Better To Start Young or Wait Until You Are Older?‘ that makes for an interesting read. Couple of points that I would like to make, but for the sake of brevity, I want to highlight just one. This pundit says: “The […]

Thought I should point you towards a handy little blog post by Andy Wibbels entitled: 40 Questions About Blogging (+ 40 Answers). He has taken the most common questions asked by his readers about blogging and answered them as only Andy can. Then head on over to Mitch Wagner’s article entitled: Everything You Always Wanted To […]

   What I believe to be pivotal to your entrepreneurial success, is acknowledging ‘the face of your new customer.’ And this was what I had planned to tell you in my last post.  Marketing communication is not what it used to be. Gone are the days where simple branding and advertising campaigns were enough to […]