Marketers The World Over Being Forced To Undergo Cosmetic Surgery


Well, not literally anyway. Coremetrics released a survey on August 22 called, “The Face of the New Marketer,” (hence, the sordid headline). The findings, based on the opinions of 120 senior marketing professionals in the US and UK, interestingly points to a growing trend towards developing skills in Internet marketing techniques. One skill in particular was SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization. Here is what John Squire of Coremetrics had to say:

“This study found that analytics and search engine marketing are being prioritized because they can reap enormous return and have a direct impact on an organization’s online, and even offline, revenues,” said John Squire, vice president, product strategy and general manager, marketing services at Coremetrics, a provider of on-demand web analytics and precision marketing solutions , which conducted the survey. “But, as the marketing role becomes much more scientific, many marketers are finding that they are not equipped with the skills and best practice knowledge needed to tackle today’s challenges. A divide is opening up between those organizations that have the resources and expertise to optimize their online marketing and those that haven’t, with the former gaining the competitive edge. Marketers that acquire such skills are becoming the new heroes in their organizations.”

This is further indication that traditional marketing methods are not enough to create success stories from your business endeavors. Internet marketing techniques must be incorporated to ensure you stay competitive; no matter the kind of business you’re involved in. As you can probably tell, traditional marketing firms are only just starting to take notice of the need for being technologically savvy.

Entrepreneurs are known to adapt extremely quickly to changes. Some of you already knew what these firms are just starting to find out. Coremetrics’ study was probably just a reaffirmation. For those of you who are just getting your feet wet with Internet technology, then there’s no better time to start utilizing these techniques than now.  By starting now, you can still gain an edge. I can assure you that there are many business owners out there who are still steeped in the belief that the Internet is about as useful as using a pick-up line on a nun. Don’t ask me why. Maybe to them, old habits die hard. And so will their businesses.

The survey also revealed analytics and measurement as a major priority for businesses. I think this is a given. You need to keep track and test everything in your business to see what works and what doesn’t. Yes, I said everything. The emphasis on ‘everything’ takes on even greater significance when you realize that the relative ease of measuring stats online makes for not doing it inexcusable. Successful businesses do it. It’s what sets them apart from those companies that ask, “Where did we go wrong?” If you have to ask that question, it may already be too late.

ClickZ has a growing number of articles that does a fine job of easing you into understanding actionable analysis. The least these articles will do for you is to drive home the importance of using analytics in your business. Have a read.

Now that I’ve got that bit out of the way, let me come to what I really wanted to write to you about…or…maybe not. I’ve taken up too much of your time. I’ll post it on my next update. It is somewhat related to this post and just as important. Maybe, even more.

Till then…


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