Me Speak No Geek


Me Speak No Geek

Ok, this is the category where I bury all types of depressing jargon talk and bring you easy-to-understand explanations of today’s Internet technology. I like definitions that speak to me in plain English. I’m sure you’re the same.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

                                                – Albert Einstein

There’ll be lots of linking to other sites – sending you to existent, well-written material by other bloggers and authors. I’ve read many of their materials and am sure you’ll benefit hugely from them.

The litmus test of my efforts would be for you to borrow a six-year-old kid from a neighbor – if only you don’t have one of your own – and explain what you’ve read. If the child doesn’t get it, Blogging Starthen I’ve not done my job. If he throws a better explanation at you, tell him to start his own blog and stop stealing my thunder!

2 Responses to “Me Speak No Geek”

  1. Cute kid! Gonna grow up to be a geek just like his Dad.

  2. Sure is Jason! Couldn’t resist putting your little fella on here. Cheers!

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