Teching Care Of Business: Internet Style (Part 1 of 3)


A Phoenix Rising

If you’d been following the news back in the 90s leading up to 2001, you would have noticed the hullabaloo about the dotcom bust. You might have even been part of the bubble burst. I know I was.  The naysayers were basking in the glory of being so pessimistically right, about how the Internet was merely a passing fad, not something to be taken seriously. More so, not something that a business could be built around. Entrepreneurs were brutally hung out to dry by the media whilst venture capitalists who had eagerly ponied up the cash, were handed rusty shovels to bury their losses.

Fast forward to 2006, and dare I say, the Internet has evolved into the largest interactive media infrastructure for conducting business online. So powerful is the Internet today that not having a dotcom behind your business name is almost reason for treason within the business community. You will be discriminated against and before you realize it, you’re made an outcast. Customers have caught on to this discriminatory act and joined in, which, I think is fully justified. Why?

Because today, every entrepreneur and business needs an online presence. Even if your web presence is void of any e-commerce capability, having a single page describing your business is a step towards online maturation. By merely setting up a website, you have torn down all barriers of communication and bestowed upon yourself global visibility. The implications are far-reaching.


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